In Metalworks, innovation passes through all the manufacturing phases, from design to production. The approach to new features and the continuous improvement of processes is reflected in the increasingly high quality of the products and increasingly rapid production cycles. Innovation can therefore be technological, systemic or stylistic, depending on the sector in which it is used.


Metalworks holds some patents that allow us to offer customers exclusive products.
Some of them cover the mere aesthetics of the product (patent of the image) while others cover its technological functionality.


Through constant research, Metalworks allocates a substantial share of its turnover to research and development of new products.
It is precisely through research that two new functional patents and numerous ornamental patents have been achieved in the last year.


Following the recent events related to the evolution of the disease Covid - 19, as well as the provisions of the Prime Minister's Decree issued on March 8 and the utmost attention that has always distinguished us in guaranteeing the highest standards of safety to our workers and the local community; we inform you that Metalworks is organizing the business activities to guarantee the full continuity of the service to our customers, while however adapting to the prudence rules provided by the aforementioned Decree.

Florence production site, as well as Bergamo one, continue with normal full activities, with no alteration to the production lines.

Should you need any further information or clarification, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: [javascript protected email address]