After Market

The evolution of the market and as well as of the products has led companies to intensify their technical interchange dealings.
Metalworks has been able to incorporate this need and has developed a 360° collaboration project with customers.


The “Application Unit” division deals with applying the products developed to the customer’s garments. The division was conceived to offer concrete support to customers, where it is necessary to provide a product already mounted on a garment, according to the design outlined by the designer.
The staff is highly qualified and operates in a dedicated environment, also suitable for the most precious materials supplied by customers.
All the functional equipment for the assembly activities is created internally, since it is directly connected to the effectiveness of the entire production cycle.


Technical assistance to customers is a priority at every stage of production. In particular, the phase of application of products to garments can be managed internally by the customer, with the full support of Metalworks personnel.

In fact, thanks to decades of experience, the assistance teams are able to support customers and their laboratories, transferring the necessary know-how to apply the product to the item of clothing in total autonomy, according to the procedures envisaged by the design.


Following the recent events related to the evolution of the disease Covid - 19, as well as the provisions of the Prime Minister's Decree issued on March 8 and the utmost attention that has always distinguished us in guaranteeing the highest standards of safety to our workers and the local community; we inform you that Metalworks is organizing the business activities to guarantee the full continuity of the service to our customers, while however adapting to the prudence rules provided by the aforementioned Decree.

Florence production site, as well as Bergamo one, continue with normal full activities, with no alteration to the production lines.

Should you need any further information or clarification, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: [javascript protected email address]