Metalworks S.p.A. is authorised to use the trademark “STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX” for some specific articles and finishes. These certified products meet the requirements which relate to lead content in children’s articles (CPSIA) laid out in REACH’s Appendix XVII, as well as those in American legislation.
Furthermore, with an aim at common control over substances considered dangerous for Man and the environment, Metalworks requires suppliers to guarantee compliance with current regulations, both nationally and internationally.


Metalworks is a brand that expresses continuity with respect to the past but which highlights a change focused upon the object being produced. No longer a company that produces only buttons, but instead a real “metal workshop” able to create “artworks” capable of combining different materials and skills.
Metalworks, while keeping its roots in the ground from which it grew, is at the same time shooting out new branches in an increasingly large and international market. Our corporate mission can be summarized into these words: Give value to our customers and their products.
These values ​​and principles find a perfect equilibrium in the Code of Ethics.


Metalworks is part of the “OVCI our family” project, an unbiased NGO that carries out cooperative development programmes to benefit people, predominantly children, who live in poor and unhealthy conditions.
During the year, Metalworks organises classical music concerts and operas, which are open to locals and which sees the involvement of an ever more loyal audience.
Moreover, the Company also participates in Castelli Calepio’s Elderly Association project, which provides valuable assistance to the elderly who live permanently in the area.
In order to support the younger members of the local community, Metalworks supports sporting activities of Cividino Quintano by making its facilities available for tournaments and competitions.


Following the recent events related to the evolution of the disease Covid - 19, as well as the provisions of the Prime Minister's Decree issued on March 8 and the utmost attention that has always distinguished us in guaranteeing the highest standards of safety to our workers and the local community; we inform you that Metalworks is organizing the business activities to guarantee the full continuity of the service to our customers, while however adapting to the prudence rules provided by the aforementioned Decree.

Florence production site, as well as Bergamo one, continue with normal full activities, with no alteration to the production lines.

Should you need any further information or clarification, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: [javascript protected email address]