Our commitment

Metalworks embraces the values inspired by sustainable development of production, economic and social activities, not only as a duty to future generations, but as added value for the company. Sustainability means adopting safeguards and virtuous behaviour in the supply chain and providing value to the local community where the company operates, supporting local initiatives and collaborating with applicable local institutions.

A supply chain
aimed at

The measures adopted to reduce the environmental impact of our production activities are part of a constantly evolving plan that aims at the continuous implementation of virtuous technologies and production processes.

Recycled and organic raw material

and organic
raw material

Our work begins with raw materials and we have been focusing our full attention on this aspect. The possibility of using recycled plastic material represents a fundamental step in the production process.

Biodegradable material


The use of innovative bioplastics based on corn starch (PLA) ensures the products are completely biodegradable. This technology has been chosen for the creation of all the supports for the assembly of the products.

Bio-based material


Production based on material obtained from vegetable biomass enables us to create products with the same technical characteristics as traditional ones, but with an important added value: a lower environmental impact and a more environmentally-friendly management of resources.

Water treatment plant

Water treatment

Our adoption and upgrading of the high-efficiency wastewater treatment plant, weekly water sampling and third-party verification are well-established practices for monitoring and reducing the impact of industrial processes on the environment.

Reduction in water wastage

Reduction in
water wastage

Our commitment to a controlled use of water in industrial processes is represented by water reuse systems between galvanic cycles, tumbling and cooling.

Photovoltaic system


Solar energy produced by a 240,000 Kw/h photovoltaic system permits us to absorb 15% of the company's energy needs.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy

Air conditioning in the offices of our new headquarters is provided by a geothermal plant which ensures efficient air conditioning for over 2,000 square metres.