The green mark

Metalworks has created a distinctive mark for all products originating from recycled or "bio sourced" material. The products have the same technical characteristics as the traditional ones for resistance and durability but have the important added value of being made from a raw material that meets the needs and criteria of sustainability.

green mark label metalworks
green mark label metalworks

the green

Inspired by criteria of sustainability and respect for environmental resources, the Green Capsule is a continuously evolving concept in terms of shapes, colours and materials. Entirely made from eco-sustainable materials such as bioplastics, recycled raw materials or alternative fibres, the collection represents a common thread between fashion, design and circular economy.

green mark material metalworks
green mark metalworks

“Sustainable fashion can represent a great opportunity for dialogue with new generations of customers who are more responsible, attentive to the sustainability of consumer choices, product traceability and the "green reputation" of brands”.

Luca Mongodi, CEO